Grachan 5 went down a few days ago and it was pure insanity

Some of you may remember an article back in September regarding Grachan’s use of rapping vampire pirates to promote their November 7th ‘Grachan 5’ card which was apparently a healthy blend of MMA, kickboxing and slap-in-the-face-for-no-reason crazy. It wasn’t the ordinary crazy that you can generally dismiss by looking the other way or abruptly changing the conversation. Not at all. This was the type of crazy that will be studied by archealogists for hundreds of years after its inception into mainstream culture.

Now that video of Grachan 5 has finally leaked, check out this fight that is just dripping with wtf-sauce. Make it to the 1:05 mark and you will be handsomely rewarded. Props to Tanukeppi for the find.

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