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Gorilla Productions gives us the 20 best boxing knockouts of 2014

Gorilla Productions gives us the 20 best boxing knockouts of 2014

MMA has been kind of depressing for me as of late. With the news of the Reebok deal coming out, knowing that it’ll cost guys a lot of money. The fact that so many people are angry that CM Punk is going to the UFC. Not to mention a vast amount of other deterrents of MMA over the past few months.

Kickboxing isn’t doing that well either. While my lack of enjoyment of kickboxing is due to different reasons, it slowly dying even though it’s gotten exposure on a big network has more to do with it than anything.

Then there is the WWE, which if you’ve been reading Dave Walsh’s recaps, I don’t need to go any further detail about how embarrassing it’s been.

Then there is boxing, good ole’ boxing. Which has been really good this calendar year, infact I’d say it’s been the best combat sport this year. We’ve seen so many good fights, so many great knockouts. In fact there have been at least 20 great knockouts and Gorilla Productions can confirm it with this video.


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