Get ready for this epic UFC 133 Brian Ebersole contest

Look at all that hair just sitting on your chest. What are you, some type of — animal that has hair? Shame on you for letting those thousands of unused hair follicles go to waste. Sasquatch is shaking his head at you. It’s time to get the clippers out and save the environment. Just kidding about the environment part. You can’t stop the Mayan Calendar, baby. We’re all goners in 2012.

MiddleEasy, Brian Ebersole and ZOO Magazine (Australia) have teamed up to introduce a new word to your lexicon: HAIRROW™. The hairrow, like its cousin the ‘arrow’, is a symbol that can be etched into an object to denote significance. In order to gain any meaning, the hairrow must be etched into one’s torso through the use of chest hair as a medium. You’ve all seen the hairrow in Brian Ebersole’s most recent fight with Chris Lytle at UFC 127, a bout that Ebersole not only won, but grabbed ‘Fight of the Night’ honors. The meaning behind the Brian Ebersole’s hairrow, an arrow pointing directly to his chin, is to inform his opponent of the only way to defeat him. That night, Chris Lytle refused to take Ebersole’s unsolicited advice, and it cost him.

Check out a few of the entries we’ve received for the contest!

How to Enter:

Get the clippers out and shave your chest hair into whatever artistic creation you see fit. Want to etch an exquisitely designed bust of President Obama on your chest? Go ahead. Feel the need to transform your chest hair into a scaled version of the New Jersey Turnpike? Hey, we’re not stopping you. If you’re a female, we still want you to enter. Get the markers out and etch your very own design on your chest. Basically, we’re telling you to send topless photos of yourself to us and we’ll give it a ‘PG’ edit.

All entries can be sent via picture (.jpg) or video (.avi, .mpeg, etc…).


Announcement of the Winner:

The winner will be announced at UFC 133 where Brian Ebersole will disrobe for the fight and the winning design of the ‘Hairrow’ contest will be carved into Ebersole’s chest. After the bout in the in-cage interview, Ebersole will give you a personal shout-out to and you can jump up on your sofa and say ‘He’s talking to me! I’m famous!’



There will only be one winner, and he/she will be awarded with:

  1. Brian Ebersole’s UFC 133 walk-out shirt, signed and kissed by the man himself.
  2. A Brian Ebersole signature-line MiddleEasy shirt signed by the man himself. The shirt will be available to the public soon.
  3. A patch of Brian Ebersole’s hair to adore and keep forever.
  4. A $50 gift certificate to



Don’t use your chest hair as a canvas for hate and (or) racism. If you do, that’s pretty pathetic and all hair follicles around the world will team up to hurt you at night — and you don’t want that. Also, be sure to stay away from copyrighted material. We don’t want Nike’s attorneys after us because you choose to carve a ‘Swoosh’ on your chest. Feel free to enter as many times as possible, that is if your chest hair permits it.

The deadline for the contest is August 2nd 2011.


Contest is over, winner being selected soon!

Update: Click Here

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