Genki Sudo made a new video and he really wants you to check it out

I caught an episode of the new season of Jersey Shore the other day and I am still trying to figure out exactly what kind of haircut Mike ‘The Situation’ is rocking these days. It looks like his stylist used a bowl and butter flavored Crisco to create Mike’s new look while watching the movie Full Metal Jacket. It’s very perplexing. I’m not sure what went down in his stylist’s office that day but I’m almost positive speedballs were involved.

I’m sorry I just caused you to picture anything Jersey Shore related in your head for the next few hours. That wasn’t very considerate of me, but I guess after spending a few hours in an Atlantic City, New Jersey casino this past weekend I wanted you all to by able to relate to my mental state. I’ll make it up to you with this new Genki Sudo video. Genki Sudo is like the exact polar opposite of the cast of Jersey Shore so this should help to erase those horrifying GTL images from your brain. Doctor’s orders, watch one Genki Sudo video and call me tomorrow morning. Enjoy.

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