Gegard Mousasi is OUT of the Super Hulk Tournament

Damn. It’s a sad day for super hulks everywhere. Gegard Mousasi has been forced to drop out of the Dream 11: Super Hulk Semi-Finals due to an injury sustained in his exhibition at M-1 Global: Breakthrough. Fedor played around with Mousasi like a GI Joe action figure in an overpriced Toys R Us playset and eventually submitted him with some insane arm-bar. Apparently even when Fedor pretends to fight people, he still hurts them. The exhibition fight was then interrupted by a friggin space shuttle launch. Seriously, it was an MMA first…a space ship featured as an undercard.

Mousasi’s opponent for the Super Hulk tourney was slated to be Sokudjou (who got in the semi-finals by completely Yveling on Jan Nortje) but now Dream officials are scrambling to find a replacement Super Hulk. The last remaining Super Hulks in the tourney are Minowaman, Hong-Man Choi and Sokudjou. Since Jeff Monson is still contracted with Dream we’re hoping that officials will tap him as a replacement. Hell, Melvin Manhoef vs. Sokudjou would be jammed with enough rawesomite sticks to blow a large crater in Japan. Lesson of this story, even playing with Fedor will still get you hurt. [Source]

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