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Frank Mir still wants to fight Fedor in some hypothetical universe

Why is a rabbit the icon of Easter? Shouldn’t it be Baby Jesus instead? During Easter, little kids can chase down Baby Jesus as it lays colorful eggs all across the backyard. We can eat chocolate effigies of Baby Jesus while painting eggs. If Baby Jesus could lay eggs, then he must be a reptile. That means the Florida Gators is the most holy school in the NCAA. If Baby Jesus were a reptile, Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could be his cousin.

Ah damn. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, not Easter. The Baby Jesus/Reptile analogy still applies though. Check out this video of Frank Mir where he admits that Fedor is the greatest and that he would like to fight him in some hypothetical universe that involves two cardinal directions: North and South. [Source]

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