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Frank Mir just made everyone projectile vomit at UFC 140

Frank Mir just made everyone projectile vomit at UFC 140

The nanosecond someone publishes a .gif of Frank Mir’s arm break win over Big Nog, I can assure you it will be placed within this article. My appetite this Saturday night is finished. I no longer have the urge to finish these stuffed mushrooms anymore. For everyone that just witnessed the arm break of the year (which according to Dana White was a shoulder dislocation), I’m sure your stomach is still perpetually churning within your torso. Forget the fact that Frank Mir came back from what looked like an absolute loss, the guy managed to submit perhaps one of the greatest heavyweight jiu-jitsu players in the history of MMA. Lil Nog won, Big Nog loss — so I guess the UFC 140 audience is just left with a medium Nog that can be poured into a glass.

Now look at this brutal .gif (compliments of Zombie Prophet) for the rest of the weekend and be happy that all of your arms works like they should.


Update: Yep, it’s broken. Check out the X-Rays that came in tonight.


Update 2: Also, huge LOL if you think Big Nog cares about a broken arm. The guy is a savage.

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