Video: Frank Mir’s Daughter German Suplexes a Dude Multiple Times in Wrestling Tournament

Imagine going into a Sambo tournament and being matched up against a guy named Fedor Junior, or a Judo match and in walks lil’ Ricky Rousey. …Also imagine probably not knowing the implications of any of this most likely due to your young age. That pretty much just happened to a guy when he went against Isabella Mir, Frank Mir’s daughter.

She’s all over this kid and straight German suplexes him multiple times. The kid sucking on his whistle almost fell on his face running toward them when the first slam went off. Six months of striking training and she could be champ. Ok, she’s way too young for that, but this was impressive nonetheless. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Frank Mir.

Check out the slams below.

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