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Forrest Griffin explains his strange post-fight antics

Forrest Griffin explains his strange post-fight antics

Sometimes people just get caught up in the moment, and Forrest Griffin is one of those people. He’s a dude who relies on his instincts and emotions to guide him, and sometimes they lead him a bit astray. Last night was the perfect example of this. Probably thinking he lost another close fight to Tito, Forrest Griffin ran out of the cage and started to leave the arena until he thought better of it. A scrambling Dana White even had to chase him down to tell him ‘Get the eff back in the cage’, where things got even weirder. During the post fight speech, Forrest decided to grab the mic from a farewell-giving Tito Ortiz and decided to interview the  People’s Champ about his gassing at the end of the second round.

I want to make emotional and wacky decisions during my article writing sessions.

Boom. Just started a new line for no reason.

Bam. Did it again. This time I’ll keep going on this line for a while, until I decide not to. Structure be damned – I’m still fairly young, and I probably only have a few good articles left in me, so watch a sweaty and slightly bewildered-looking Forrest Griffin explain his strange actions after his victory over Tito last night.


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