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For some reason UFC weigh-ins are a lot cooler if they happen in the Middle East

Amongst the media flurry surrounding UFC 112, I’ve always wondered where would Wallid Ismail fit into all of this? We’ve seen the sudden resurgence of of Renzo Gracie taking his first fight at the 43 years young, what would happen if Wallid Ismail was featured as a co-main event on a UFC card? Imagine those little pre-fight interviews they show in black/white before the fight. ZUFFA would need extra tape just to let Wallid finish his thought. Just imagine if the dude won and Joe Rogan shoved a microphone in his face. I’m putting the over/under on the amount of times he would say ‘boolsheet’ at five. Unfortunately, the closest thing we have to Wallid Ismail resurfacing in the UFC world is this shirt we made about him (because we’re ‘scare about him’). As expected, Wallid Ismail was too busy talking about what happened on PePe Beach to attend the UFC 112 weigh-ins, but our dude Casey from MMAFighting was there and here’s what he shot. [Source]


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