Finally, you too can have Lenne Hardt scream your name

I can’t imagine a better gift for Gary LaPlante and the rest of Team Takeover than this: a customized Lenne Hardt ringtone, where I assume she screams out whatever your heart wants and desires, amazing. For only $50 you can pretend you are walking down the huge PRIDE entrance ramp, having your name screamed out in the most epic of fashions every single time your phone rings. No use for vibration ever again, Lenne Hardt shall not be muted. I bet we see Rampage Jackson huddling over a PA system with his phone up to a megaphone next time he comes out to fight since he is on such a PRIDE kick lately. Below is a reminder of why you need Lenne’s services:

Get your Ringtone here. Thanks to Augie for the find.


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