Finally, we have a look in the life of Chuck Liddell, the executive

My old roommate used to wield two 40ozs of Mikey’s like Rambo rocks dual uzis shortly before he kills a village of undeserving third-world drug dealers. Except my old roommate never really got around to doing the whole senseless murdering, he would just rip his shirt off and challenge people to a game of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. He’s the only guy I know that has beaten the entire game without losing a round while simultaneously balancing a half empty 40oz bottle in his left hand. My old roommate likes to go nuts, but apparently Chuck Liddell likes to get a little bit nuttier — especially in his new office job at the UFC headquarters. Check out this video of Chuck Liddell being an executive, to the fullest. [Source]

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