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Finally, the secret to Tim Kennedy’s training regime

Finally, the secret to Tim Kennedy’s training regime

After hours of voting, tabulation, arguing and contemplation. It is done. The next Tim Kennedy short brought to the world by Ranger Up is here: The Secret of Tim Kennedy’s Training Regime. We did it. We came together and as a community we were able to break the champagne bottle on the maiden voyage of this digital video, and it feels good.

Getting nearly 60% of the vote over Tim Kennedy’s Masterpiece Theatre: Crocodile Dundee and Hamlet, TSTKTR (The Secret of Tim Kennedy’s Training Regime) is set and primed to explode into the world. Hopefully it will help you with your personal workout routine. I know it did mine.

Another Ranger Up Prize Pack of Power™ (RUPPP™) was picked at random out of the pool of voters who picked the winning video. This week it’s uber-commenter Synthsis. Nice dude, grats!

Stay tuned next week for more!

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