Finally, Randy Couture and 50 Cent in the same movie

Earlier this morning I noticed the speakers attached to my computer were devoid of any sound. Speakers that don’t speak. I have the ability to speak, but I can’t speak like a speaker. The bass within my voice is nothing compare to these dysfunctional speakers. Now everything is quiet, and nothing in the vicinity in speaking. Alone, in my solitude of silence, I watched this trailer of ‘Setup,’ a movie featuring Randy Couture, 50 Cent, Bruce Willis and other people that get paid a very high wage. Without my speakers, I dubbed the entire movie myself and created a storyline for you to consume.

This movie starts off with 50 Cent trying to rob some guy, he gets thwarted by Randy Couture and every person in the banner picture above saves the world through interpretive dance. Movie over, I’m happy you enjoyed it. [Source]

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