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Fedor vs. Werdum pushed back until May 2010

Fedor vs. Werdum pushed back until May 2010

If getting repeatedly arm-barred by a videogame character is a sign that your life is pretty much over, then I should borrow Arlovski’s gun and blow whatever brains I have left inside my head…directly out of my head. Fabricio Werdum is the reason why I will never beat UFC Undisputed in the heavyweight division. I want to rip UFC Undisputed out of my 360, smash the disc in pieces and bury them in the five corners of Scotland like they did William Wallace in Braveheart.

When Affliction Trilogy was on the verge of being scrapped, everyone was throwing Fabricio Werdum’s name around as possible replacement for the astrexied Josh Barnett. Just a few days later, Affliction collapsed and Werdum was left with an invalid ‘Redeem for shot against Fedor’ coupon. It was all good, Fabricio was sure that when The Last Emperor signed with Strikeforce he would defintely get that WAMMA title shot. Nah, the universe pointed its finger at Fabricio and laughed directly in his face. Instead, Brett Rogers got the shot and Fedor knocked his head off as his lifeless body laid there in Chicago, Illinois. At the post-fight press conference, Werdum stated that he’s already fought Alistair Overeem and the only fight he was interested in was a shot at The Last Emperor.

In an interview with Tatame Magazine last month, Werdum said the fight against Fedor was 99% confirmed for April 16th. Well in an infinite universe, that 1% Werdum failed to mention has made a brief visit in the MMA world. According to M-1 Global, the Werdum vs. Fedor fight has been pushed back to sometime in May. This should leave you with just enough time to go watch Avatar in 3D again just before they take it out of theatres. [Source]

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