Fedor is Totally Cool with Never Having Fought in the UFC

If you don’t love Fedor then you don’t love MMA. I think that we need to get that out of the way before we move forward with anything here. Fedor is love, Fedor is MMA. Fedor Emelianenko is probably the one guy that everyone wished had fought in the UFC and many have seen his later career losses as a reason to say, “see, he wasn’t very good,” which will always be complete bullshit and revisionist history. Fedor is the GOAT, okay?

This Friday night AXS TV airs The Voice Versus Fedor Emelianenko where Michael Schiavello sits down with the Last Emperor to ask him some of the hard questions about the world, Russia and MMA. Here’s a clip where he talks about him never fighting in the UFC and how Fedor aptly points out, during his prime PRIDE had the best fighters in the world, so no regrets.

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