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Fans booing? Leaving? Dana White sticks by Demetrious Johnson

Fans booing? Leaving? Dana White sticks by Demetrious Johnson

The fight game is a business, and when one of your champs is doing business, normally, Dana White would probably start talking some form of shit, right? But not today. Dana White is sticking by Mighty Mouse Johnson who, despite the constant Joe Rogan hyperbole of him being the best fighter anyone has ever seen ever, can’t seem to sell a ticket to save his life. 

The bottom line is that despite not selling tickets of PPVs, Mighty Mouse is good for the UFC. Between yawns, fans are seeing an incredibly technical display of skills that 95% of other UFC fighters simply don’t have. I love watching Mighty Mouse Johnson, and you should too.

Dana feels the pushback, and he doesn’t care. He said this at the post-fight press conference. Thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes:

“I don’t give a sh*t what people are doing, I’m watching the fight.” 

“It’s kind of sad that Demetrious Johnson has this thing hanging over his head, he’s not this, he’s not that,” White said. … “He does everything the exact way he’s supposed to. He comes in with a game plan and follows it to the letter. He’s just one of these guys that has to put his head down, keep doing his thing and you have to respect him.”


Anderson Silva wasn’t the biggest star ever when he was champion, Chuck Liddell wasn’t a big star for a while. His day will come.”

“It’s like you’re walking out when you think your basketball team is losing and they come back and win the game.”

Well, to be fair, usually people leave a basketball game early to beat the traffic, not because they’re bored. DJ was never coming from behind. Shitty analogy, awesome backing of your fighter.

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