Fabricio Werdum is taking lessons from Anderson Silva on how to improve his ground game

The title of this article has not been assembled incorrectly. I am not dyslexic, but I do have a dyslexic joke. Alright, a blind man walks into a bra. There, end of joke. Sorry if I offended any dyslexic people out there, the only one I know being Tom Cruise. However now he’s a Scientolgist and apparently they’ve found a cure for dyslexia — and it involves an alien overlord ruler called ‘Xenu’ to some extent. We’re overlooking the blatantly obvious point that Anderson Silva teaching the two-time, reigning ADCC world champion jiu-jitsu techniques is highly contradictory, that is if you discredit Anderson Silva’s three black belts and highly underrated ground-game. Check out this video of Anderson Silva helping Fabricio Werdum prepare for his upcoming Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix fight with Alistair Overeem by perfecting Vai Cavalo’s ground game. [Source]

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