Exercise your bromance: Watch Genki Sudo model for a Japanese surf company

Genki Sudo is the living embodiment of everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish in your life manifested in the body of a 16-4-1 fighter. Despite being only 28 when he retired, Genki has one of the slickest resumes in MMA with wins over former WEC champion Mike Brown, Nathan Marquardt, Takaya, Royler Gracie, Ramon Decker — he even beat ButterBean.

You could live for two-hundred years and still not be able to coordinate a five-minute long Native American dance number. Look, we’re just not as cool as Genki Sudo. There’s no possible combination of actions that we can achieve in our life to reach Genki’s level. He doesn’t even reside in this dimension. Life must be interesting in the 4th dimension. The atmosphere must feel different up there and smell a little bit like pine needles. These are all assumptions. The 4th dimension also enables one to effortlessly model for Japanese surf companies as evidenced by the following video. [Source]

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