Ex-teammate Chris Holdsworth says TJ Dillashaw took special supplements before Barao fight

TJ Dillashaw feuding

The shade is just never going to stop. After UFC 217, the feud between TJ Dillashaw and every single person who ever stepped foot in the Team Alpha Male gym will not go quietly into the night.

It would be nice if after either Cody Garbrandt or Dillashaw win the bantamweight title at UFC 217, the two sides agree to a nondisclosure agreement. No more snake talk. No more hurts feelings. Talks of lost money and friendship are forever banned.

The TAM vs. TJ has reached a critical mass when random side characters like Chris Holdsworth are popping up onscreen. Holdsworth made a cameo on The MMA Hour today (Oct. 30) and buried Dillashaw.

Not only is TJ Dillashaw an alleged bad teammate who concusses his sparring partners, but he also took a truckload of banned substances before his first fight with Renan Barao.


Update: Because this feud will never die, here’s TJ making some Cody prostitute references

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