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Ew, Michael Bisping wants to leave Tim Kennedy in a ‘pile of piss and blood’

Ew, Michael Bisping wants to leave Tim Kennedy in a ‘pile of piss and blood’

Beating a person into submission is one thing, but hoping they will urinate in their shorts — that’s just on another demented level that our brains aren’t equipped to comprehend it. Michael Bisping recently stated on a FOX Sports interview that he wants to defeat Tim Kennedy to the point in which he transforms into a pile of ‘piss and blood’ on the floor. Of course if he’s just liquid, what happened to his bones? Did Bisping eat them? If so, how did he eat them? There’s so many questions that can be spawned from Bisping’s statement, perhaps it’s better that you read it yourself.

This will be a stoppage for sure, you ain’t going to see a decision. I haven’t come up here to Quebec for a mixed martial arts contest. I’ve come up here to beat Tim Kennedy up in the most violent way as I can possibly do. I want to hurt him, I want to leave him on the floor in a pile of piss and blood and he begs the referee to rip me off him and then I never want to hear Tim Kennedy’s name mentioned in the same sentence as me ever again.

If we can’t find Tim Kennedy’s bones in this mess, then Michael Bisping just admitted that he’s a cannibal — and that’s rather disgusting.

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