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ESPN heavily criticizes UFC for TRT exemptions, claims it’s higher than any sports league

ESPN heavily criticizes UFC for TRT exemptions, claims it’s higher than any sports league

Personally, I think all fighters should be able to utilize all performance enhancing substances to increase the longevity of their career. It would eliminate drug-testing and increase the probability that each fighter would possess a cartoon-like physique before entering the cage. Freakishly-large muscles equates to higher viewership for MMA, which would also result in fighters getting one step closer to those boxing paydays that guys like Floyd Mayweather (the greatest boxer of our generation) are accustomed to.

In short, don’t create parameters for one fighter to get an unfair advantage in a fight. Let them all cheat. Heck, while we’re at it, let’s remove the negative stigma from internet pirating. Oh, those are two mutually independent entities? Damn, it was worth a try.

According to ESPN reporter Mike Fish, testosterone replacement therapy use in UFC is astronomically higher than in any other sports league. In comparison, Major League Baseball offered six TRT exemptions over the past six years to a population of players that total around 1,200 each year. As far as boxing, no professional boxer has ever been issued a TRT exemption.

You can read more of Mike Fish’s ESPN story here, or you can watch this video interview — or you can do both if you have a fetish with multitasking.

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