End of the World Sale! 15% off + 3 stickers! Use Offer Code: Rapture

According to a group out there on the interwebs (and on a multitude of street billboards) the world is coming to an end tomorrow. They even made a snazzy video about it. If this is the end, then we’re going out with a bang. Our official webstore, WorldOverEasy.com, is offering 15% off on all merchandise and each order will get you three free vinyl MiddleEasy stickers! That’s reason enough to stick around for the apocalypse. It’s a shame really since we just ordered a ton of new merchandise that will be coming this time next week. If the world does come to an end, WorldOverEasy will personally refund your order and you can keep the merchandise. Free clothes? Who else is doing that? Exactly.

User offer code: “Rapture” to get the savings and free stickers!

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