Dustin Poirier is heartbroken, but John Kavanagh, McGregor’s coach welcomes him to Ireland with open arms

The best thing about Conor McGregor’s rise to stardom has been the re-globalization of MMA. With Conor, Gunnar and Alex Gustafsson’s continued badassery, we can move past the domination of Brazil and the US as far as MMA domination. Sure, we had a few Japanese stars that were mostly relegated to greatness in Japan, the Korean Zombie, Mustafa Al Turk… But now the sport truly feels global. We have contenders rising up from all over the globe, and that is very, very good for the sport. It was starting to get stale with us scraping the bottom of the barrel in the US and Brazil, frankly.

Perhaps there’s something we can learn from these other cultures. Maybe instead of moving camps from San Jose to LA, or Florida, or NYC, fighters will consider the surprisingly short flight to Ireland for a camp or three. 

John Kavanagh has his dangerous and wise arms wide open for such an occasion.  


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