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DstryrSG | The Pipelayer loves his Darce

DstryrSG | The Pipelayer loves his Darce

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The Darce (D’arce as it should be pronounced) also known as the Brabo, is a choke that you unfortunately don’t see to often in high level competitions. In the fashion world of BJJ submissions and fancy guards, the Darce has fallen by the wayside. Many don’t realize how dynamic and variable this particular choke is. To break it down to its simplest form – it’s a inverted head and arm choke. Now despite its simplicity, once you master the movements and mechanics of the choke you can find it from the top, bottom, side and back.

One of the few people who still actively use and promote the power of the Darce is Jeff Glover. For years he’s been known to have a free and very loose style that has allowed him to find the Darce with unbelievable success.

In this video Jeff details the Darce from his many famous angles. If your interested in learning more of this ancient technique, check out his newly released DVD entitled the Darcepedia. Watch and enjoy the Pipe Layer do work!

Watch The Video…

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