DstryrSG – Body Hack: Breathing and BJJ

Respiration is a key element in most living creatures, and in particular mammals. Despite thousands of years of breathing, most of us have not mastered the art of breathing. Breathing is part of our autonomic nervous system – otherwise know as our involuntary control over muscles. In essence, we don’t need to think about breathing, we just do. Even though breathing is a high level function that works on it’s own, we can vastly improve our breathing for many applications which includes sports, day-to-day life and for SI (stress inoculation.)

Breathing is similar to stretching, the more time you put in, the more you will eventually get out – and quite frankly it could change your life. Today we feature our buddy from VT Gym, BJJ Black Belt Liam Resnekov. We have featured his videos many times, and one of the main reasons is because he shows simple yet innovative techniques and concepts. Over the past few months he has done a few videos he entitles body hacks, where he talks about improving your health on and off the mat. Liam shows a variety of exercises to improve your breathing, and he ends with several drills that eliminate panic from stressful positions. He also gives a shoutout to BJJ Blackbelt and S&C Guru Steve Maxwell. Liam credits Maxwell for showing him the last drill that comes straight from RMA and Russian Systema.

Pay attention, cause this video might change your game on the mat as well as improve your life off of it.

Watch The Video…

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