DREAM and K-1 may be run by separate companies, planning a bantamweight grand-prix

Admittedly, it’s silly to discuss revolutionary developments in Japanese MMA when the entire country is under the threat of becoming the next Chernobyl. The steady stream of morbidly depressing news emerging from Japan has emotionally depleted anyone that even has a glimmer of humanity within them. In short, things in Japan suck right now. Everything. Reuters reported that radiation has now entered Tokyo and it’s steadily rising. We’re not sure how Japanese executives are even developing their MMA organizations at a time like this, but there has been some promising news from Japan this morning regarding Japanese MMA.

According to Kamipro (translated by Nightmare of Battle), DREAM is planning a bantamweight grand-prix that will kick off sometime in mid-April and will be organized by Real Entertainment, one of the two parent companies of DREAM.

“The DREAM spin-off event (Japan Cup Bantamweight GP) will probably take place at JCB Hall in the middle of April and they will hold another event in the summer. FEG, who are one of the two parent companies of DREAM, will not be part of any of this (they have problems of their own). So it is a “former PRIDE staff portion of DREAM (Real Entertainment) and possible other people”-only event.”

This will mark the first time in history that FEG will not be involved in assembling a DREAM event. According to ZAKZAK, K-1 will continue to go as planned and making a profit from the company is possible with a change in the administration. [Source]

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