Dream 9: Super Hulk TONIGHT(morning)!

This is why I love Japan. Love it. If you can stay up until 5am tomorrow morning and have HDNet then you can witness probably the biggest friggin card in the history of MMA. It’s so big, Dream 9 was changed to Dream 9: Super Hulk. Japanese know how to sell fights like this. But so does my friend Kirby. Dude can probably sell chlorophyll to a forest of evergreens. Maybe he’s part Japanese, maybe he’s not…who cares man. What I care about is this fight that’s going down tonight. Tonight. Dream 9: Superhulk is airing LIVE tonight/morning. Check out this video they made just to promote this fight. It’ll probaby be the coolest thing you see today (unless you saw my functional alcoholic neighbor argue with the USPS man over her Reader’s Digest subscription. That was hilarious). Props to Pat David for that insane Hulk picture. 




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