TJ Dillashaw Wins Split Against Cory Sandhagen In Fight Of The Year – UFC Vegas 32 Results (Highlights)

Dillashaw returned to the Octagon with a win after a war with Sandhagen that saw him earn the split decision.

TJ Dillashaw

A bantamweight headliner between TJ Dillashaw and Cory Sandhagen is taking place now (Saturday, July 24, 2021) at UFC Vegas 32.

Round 1

Dillashaw is the one pressuring early. Sandhagen connects with a leg kick. Dillashaw sees his body kick caught but lands a leg kick of his own soon after. Dillashaw connects with some strikes. Sandhagen lands another leg kick. Sandhagen seems to have stung Dillashaw and goes for a flying knee. The fight goes to the ground with Sandhagen attempting a reverse triangle. Dillashaw gets out of it and has Sandhagen’s back. Dillashaw lands some knees. Sandhagen separates. Dillashaw attempts a takedown as Sandhagen attempts a spinning back kick but Sandhagen scrambles out of it well. Both fighters are connecting now with strikes. Dillashaw takes Sandhagen down but Sandhagen continues to scramble and threaten with submissions off his back. Dillashaw lands some big strikes before Sandhagen gets to his feet and the round ends.

10-9 to Dillashaw for me.

Round 2

Dillashaw appears to have popped his knee going by his words with his corner. Sandhagen lands a big leg kick. Dillashaw goes for the takedown soon after. Sandhagen is doing well to defend and separates. Dillashaw connects with a body kick but Sandhagen catches it and drops him to the ground. Sandhagen lands a one two and follows it with a body kick. Sandhagen using great footwork. Sandhagen catches Dillashaw and drops him. Dillashaw goes for a desperation takedown but Sandhagen defends. Sandhagen lands a big right and has busted Dillashaw open. The fight is stopped momentarily due to a cut near Dillashaw’s eye but it will fortunately continue. Sandhagen lands a flying knee. Dillashaw goes for another takedown soon after and gets Sandhagen’s back. He gets him down but Sandhagen gets right back up. Dillashaw lands a big elbow to the end the round.


Round 3

Dillashaw catches Sandhagen with a few strikes early. Sandhagen lands with a punch and follows with a spinning backfist. Dillashaw clinches him up against the fence. Dillashaw has his back again but Sandhagen separates. Sandhagen is the one pressuring now and lands a nice counter one-two. Dillashaw lands a few good leg kicks. Sandhagen misses a spinning wheel kick and and Dillashaw takes him down. Sandhagen continues to scramble and gets to his feet. Sandhagen separates. Dillashaw continues to land big leg kicks. He clinches Sandhagen against the fence but can’t keep him there for long. Sandhagen shoots now with Dillashaw sprawling and taking his back. Sandhagen’s back is controlled yet again but he does well to defend. Dillashaw lands some strikes but receives a late strike from Sandhagen as the round ends. That’s on Herb Dean, though.

I give that to Dillashaw. 29-28.

Round 4

Dillashaw opens up with a huge leg kick. Sandhagen is countering but Dillashaw is hammering him with the leg kicks. Dillashaw takes his back again. Sandhagen is controlled against the fence but manages to separate. Sandhagen lands a couple of big lefts. The fight slows down a bit. Sandhagen connects with a big body shot. Dillashaw eventually goes for the takedown and gets him down. Sandhagen gets up instantly. Sandhagen reverses and escapes. Sandhagen lands a nice counter right as Dillashaw throws a combo. Dillashaw takes his back again and starts attacking the back of Sandhagen’s legs. Sandhagen separates. Dillashaw continues to land leg kicks but eats a spinning backfist to end the round.

I have it all tied up. Whoever wins this last round wins it for me.

Round 5

Both fighters are aggressive early on. They know this round will be the decider. Dillashaw is the one advancing forward more though. He continues to attack Sandhagen’s legs but Sandhagen is throwing counter punches. Dillashaw takes Sandhagen’s back once again though. Sandhagen escapes. Dillashaw shoots soon after and clinches him up. Sandhagen breaks free again. The action slows down again. Sandhagen lands a nice right. Dillashaw is swinging but Sandhagen evades and lands some jabs. Dillashaw goes for another takedown but forces another clinch instead. Dillashaw lands some big shots. Sandhagen lands a right of his own. Dillashaw goes for another takedown but Sandhagen escapes. Sandhagen lands a nice body shot. Dillashaw continues to swing. Both fighters end the fight swinging. What a fight!

I score it 48-47 to Dillashaw.

Official result: TJ Dillashaw defeats Cory Sandhagen via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47).

Check out the highlights below:

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