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Diego Nunes would have no problem fighting training partner Jose Aldo in UFC

Diego Nunes would have no problem fighting training partner Jose Aldo in UFC

There’s a Brazilian race car driver named Diego Nunes that is slightly younger and less successful than his UFC counterpart, the real Diego Nunes. Let’s just pretend he doesn’t exist and Brazil outlawed driving really fast cars decades ago. In this scenario, the speed limit is 15mph and road rage runs rampant on the streets of Brazil. In order to combat this anger, the Brazilian government has established road-side octagons for enraged motorists to duke it out for three rounds. That would make MMA the official sport of Brazil and leverage Diego Nunes to be an even bigger star than he already is. That’s the world I want to live in. Let’s make it happen CERN.

We caught up with Diego Nunes and manager Ed Soares after UFC 141 to see what’s next for the Brazilian. Apparently Jose Aldo is not out of the question.

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