Daniel Cormier says Jeff Monson is playing mind games with him

There is an amazingly perfect Daniel Cormier available to download via fighter share on EA MMA, it actually looks better than some of the official fighters in the game. This unofficial Daniel Cormier is so spot on I downloaded him months ago and haven’t even used him. I respect the Olympic level dude as a fighter so much I wanted him in my catalog of selectable characters, even if I didn’t plan on using him. What can I say, I prefer to stand and bang with my digital adversaries and his stats are all ground based.

Tonight that might change. Maybe I should dust him off and use him for the first time. Recreating tomorrow night’s card with my dog seems like the perfect way to cap my evening, and you know what? Maybe I will keep the fight standing against Monson. Or will I? Mind games like these are the one thing you can’t simulate via a series of button presses in game, so we will have to enjoy the real thing between these two elite grapplers instead.

“Mind games,”  “He’s playing mind games. Let’s be smart. This is a guy that’s fought 50 times. In reality, I truly believe he wants me to take him down. Maybe he doesn’t think he can submit me, but I’m pretty sure he’s confident that he can sweep me over to my back.

“I think in all reality, he understands that his best chance to get me on my back is for me to take him down and him to reverse me. In terms of him taking me down from a straight shot or anything, I’m pretty confident that won’t happen.”

“It’s not just keeping top position, it’s fighting out of half-guard,” “His strongest position is a half-guard. He gets a half-guard, and he does a nice little sweep out of that position. I’ve spent weeks and weeks focusing on that area.

“I’ve been real focused on the things I think I need to focus on to win this fight, and I think it’s controlling, staying over the half-guard position, landing big shots off of a takedown and then bringing the fight back standing or landing big shots and then controlling his hips and keeping him spaced out on the ground.”

Perfect Cormier in the create a fighter, but a serious lack of sideburns worthy of Chad Griggs in there. EA if you are reading this can we get a patch, like, in 20 minutes?


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