(Video) Daniel Baiz Shoots For A Double-Leg Takedown During His Boxing Match

Baiz may have misread the rules before entering the boxing ring.

(via @fitetv - Twitter)

You know when an MMA fan comically says that a boxer should shoot for a double leg and takedown during a boxing match? Well, that happened.

On Friday at Global Legion FC 20 in Rock Hill, South Carolina, pro boxer Daniel Baiz (14-3-1) fought Ermal Hadribeaj when he shot for a takedown. The takedown was actually beautiful; however, it was clearly illegal.

The Video

The Fite TV Twitter account posted a clip of the takedown.

“Thought that was a well-executed double leg takedown that you see in MMA, but he must have forgotten this was a boxing match. From last night’s Global Legion FC 20 on FITE.”

The commentators were shocked, just like I’m sure you were watching the clip. The result of the boxing match is still unknown.

Also On The Card

Global Legion FC 20 had a mix of boxing and MMA fights. The other major thing that happened on the card was MMA legend Rampage Jackson’s son, Raja Jackson won his second MMA fight. You can read about that HERE.

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