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Dana White explains friendship (and Stitch Duran isn’t a friend)

Dana White explains friendship (and Stitch Duran isn’t a friend)

Dana White effectively cutting cut man Stitch Duran has lit another tiny fire under what seems to be a glass house this week, creating an uproar amongst fans and fighters alike for the UFC’s lack of loyalty. It’s a business in the end, and Dana seems to not answer to anyone, and despite cries of doing a friend dirty, Dana doesn’t see it that way at all. In fact, he’s not denying anyone being done dirty, he’s just denying that he and Stitch were ever friends. 

Take the video below, in which Dana explains what friendship means to him, who some of his friends are, and whether Stitch Duran was a friend to him. Spoiler alert: he wasn’t. One thing that is ignored, despite White’s claims of having 20 cut men under the UFC banner, is why Stitch was usually out there for most if not all fights. Why did so many fighters request stitch? Why are so many athletes in boxing and MMA calling him the best in the business? 

Why does the Super Bowl of MMA want to get rid of the best?

Because he’s not a friend? Dana is now officially a 10-year-old child.

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