Cub Swanson hit Charles Oliveira with a punch and detonated the KO seconds later

At UFC 152, Cub Swanson hit Charles Oliveira so hard that his brain cells didn’t even know how to react until it was too late. It wasn’t even a delayed reaction — more like Cub Swanson hit Oliveira with such an incredible amount of force that it created a tear in the space-time continuum and as Oliveira backed up, he was sucked into a temporal vortex that placed his brain exactly four seconds before Swanson tagged him with that overhand punch. Incredible.

We know that we should have an animated .gif up for you guys but for some odd reason, the MMA gods don’t work that fast. We also know that when we do produce a .gif for you guys, that previous sentence will be void. So will that previous sentence — and this one. Perhaps it’s better that we never find an animated .gif of Swanson’s time-bending knockout so we can keep all of those fantastic words in this article. Congrats to Cub Swanson on his third straight finish in the UFC and for agreeing to fight Oliveira even though he came in over weight.

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