Cro Cop busted open Satoshi Ishii and nabbed his first MMA win since December 31, 2012 this weekend

Remember when Cro Cop retired but then didn’t, then fought in an event called Final Fight while being marketed as Cro Cop’s Final Fight, then he kept fighting? After leaving the UFC with three straight losses (Mir/Schuab/Nelson) in 2011, we’ve seen Cro Cop take his checkered shorts all over the world to some interesting results. He ‘won’ the K-1 2012 WGP with the help of a few judges, he lost a decision to Remy Bonjanskey, he made some appearances in Glory… You know, the usual stops. 

Cro Cop must be having long talks (during walks) on the beach with Pat Barry, because he hasn’t done much in MMA since he won at Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2012 on New Years. Eff grappling. More punck/kick, #amirite? So he went to Moscow and lost to Oleksiy Oliynyk in November of 2013, and now he’s here, fighting Satoshi Ishii (who was on an 8-fight win streak since being knocked out by Fedor and fought 6 times last year) at Antonio Inoki’s Inoki Genome Fight promotion, for the IGF championship, in fact.

There isn’t much footage of the fight, but here’s the choppy round two and a replay of the NASTY elbow that stopped the fight courtesy of Caposa:

Dat hellbow!


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