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Cris Cyborg admits to taking steroids, but says she is not a cheater

Cris Cyborg admits to taking steroids, but says she is not a cheater

I find it hilarious that people feel the need to make the statement of ‘Sure, I’ll date Cyborg.’ As if that option will ever be on the table for the rest of your life. If you were to combine every parallel universe that has ever existed since the beginning of time, at no point will Cris Cyborg choose to ditch her husband, Evangelista Cyborg in order to try her shots with you. Don’t worry, folks. You will never be in a situation to decide if you would like to be with Cris Cyborg. Let the debate end.

Cris Cyborg killed the protector of Asgard in the movie Thor. Just kidding, but it does not negate the fact that she has all the innate abilities to do so. That’s why from a logical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense that she would cheat within her MMA career. However, perhaps it makes all the sense in the world. Regardless, Cris Cyborg has issued a statement regarding her positive steroid results and while she admits she has taken a banned substance, she still considers herself not to be a cheater. [Source]

Update: Apparently the Cyborgs have split. MiddleEasy readers will eventually put Perez Hilton out of business.

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