Create the first design for Chael Sonnen’s signature line of baby onesies in our BabyFightGear contest!

Now that Chael Sonnen’s CSAC suspension is finally over, the guy can finally get back to what he loves — and part of that is manifesting the greatest smack talk to ever grace the sport of MMA. Granted, judging from Chael Sonnen’s infamous Twitter account, he never left that aspect of entertainment. It’s wildly apparent that the only thing Chael Sonnen wants to do is grab the UFC middleweight belt and the potpourri of accolades that come with being a champion, but did you know that Chael Sonnen wants you to design a BabyFightGear onesie inspired by himself? That’s right, in partnership with Chael Sonnen and BabyFightGear, MiddleEasy has launched the ‘Let Chael Sonnen Guide the Youth to MMA Fashion Supremacy!‘ contest, and you should definitely enter.

How to Enter:

Entering is simple. We want you to design a baby onesie fit for Chael Sonnen. Well, not a baby onesie that fits Chael — that would just be weird. More along the lines of a baby onesie inspired by the self-proclaimed ‘fastest white Republican in MMA.’ Be as creative as possible, let your mind wrap around the vast expanse of the infinite for this contest. We’ve even included a BabyFightGear onesie template for you to use. Use whatever tools you have at your disposal. Just remember, Chael Sonnen will choose the winner of the contest.



Stay away from copyrighted images. Don’t try to claim that your copyright images are the ‘hispanic version’ of them. That stuff only works for Chael. The field is open to be as creative (or uncreative) as possible. Be sure to create your design in high resolution and 300dpi. If you use our BabyFightGear onesie template, then you won’t have to worry. The deadline for the contest is July 30th 2011.



There will only be one winner, and he/she will be awarded with:

  1. Your Chael Sonnen signature onesie will be sold exclusively on
  2. Your Chael Sonnen signature onesie signed by Chael Sonnen and sent directly to you.
  3. Chael Sonnen will know that you exist and acknowledge your awesomeness.
  4. Bragging rights for the rest of the century.

Contest is over. Click here to see the result!

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