Colby Covington Rips Edwards For Chasing Masvidal, Says UFC Could Strip ‘Rocky’ If He Keeps Ducking

"Chaos" takes another wild dig at "Rocky."

Colby Talks Leon
Colby Talks Leon - Image Credit @Leonedwardsmma @Colbycovmma Instagram
  • Colby Covington criticized Leon Edwards for still wanting to fight Jorge Masvidal and refusing to accept that he is next in line
  • “Chaos” claims that the UFC will strip “Rocky” if he won’t agree to fight him

Reigning welterweight champion Leon Edwards couldn’t contain his disappointment over Jorge Masvidal’s retirement following his UFC 287 loss to Gilbert Burns. In a tweet, Edwards ripped Masvidal, implying he wasted his chance of facing him by retiring. The champ has been yearning to fight “Gamebred” and settle their feud but the UFC insists Colby Covington is next in line.

For Covington, Edwards could chase Masvidal if he wants to but he would have to face him first.

Stop ducking

In a recent talk with Submission Radio, “Chaos” lashed out at Edwards once again, calling “Rocky” a “placeholder” and not a true champ. Covington reiterated that it’s Edwards’ “responsibility” to face whoever is next in line and not run away.

“I think it’s hilarious… Dude it’s your responsibility,” Covington said of Edwards’ tweet about Masvidal. “Guys, when you become the champion of this company like I’ve done myself, you fight the next contender in line. You’re the placeholder now because he’s not a champion. A champion would take on all and any comers any challengers so the fact that he’s trying to pick and choose easy fights, I know he wanted to fight the street Judas Masvidal so bad, don’t worry Leon after I beat you’re a** this summer, you can fight Jorge on the prelims no big deal. You guys can fight just give up your little, placeholder position, you can go back to the prelims like the little bum that you are but you know I’m not surprised he’s afraid, he knows the matchups, the hardest matchup he’s ever gonna have in his life and he knows I’m coming to take everything he worked for.”

London fans are the best

If possible, Covington would also like to put on a show in front of Edwards’ hometown fans in London.

“I can’t wait. I love London so much… They embrace me like the true king and the champion that I am to them so I can’t wait to come back to London and put on a good show for the fans over there that’s what they deserve. I mean they’re so passionate, die-hard fans and they’re obviously a lot smarter than the Brazilians. Brazilians are just straight filthy animals like those guys you know, they’re just very low IQs you can tell the people of England have very strong IQs and smart people and they get it. They understand the business they understand who I am and what I’m doing so I can’t wait to bring so much entertainment and just bring a show back to London again… I can’t wait to end fumble mouth Leon Edwards Scissorhands’ career and you know it’s going to be a beautiful day back in London again,” he explained.

The latest update on Edwards vs. Covington

UFC president Dana White had already laid out the reasons why Covington deserves to be the next title challenger. But as of now, nothing is official yet.

According to “Chaos,” he and the UFC have already had a “great talk” and they have also “assured” that if Edwards would keep on ducking him, the promotion will strip him.

“We had a great talk. he’s got nowhere to go. if Leon doesn’t want to fight, I’ve already been assured that it’s okay, they’ll just strip him and I’m next in line so the fact that he’s trying to cry and act all privileged is just funny but there’s nowhere to go. Dana has assured me I’m fighting him this summer. I don’t know the location yet, we’ll have to wait to see from Dana and the big bosses at the UFC with what they decide,” Covington revealed.

A message for Leon

As expected, Covington capped it off with an epic message for “Rocky.”

“Mumble mouth! Guess what buddy you got nowhere to run, you got nowhere to hide,” Covginton said. “[You’re] talking about fumbling the bag, you’re the one fumbling the bag. This is the only fight you’re gonna get so you either come take this fight or guess what, you’re the B-side anyways, UFC doesn’t really need you so we’ll move on business without you so show up and I’m gonna show out on your face but I think you know that deep down inside that’s why you’re doubting yourself and you’re looking for easier challenges out there but guess what buddy this is the only challenge you get so I will see you this summer for the undisputed title.”

Covington hasn’t fought more a year but he is coming off a dominant decision victory over Masvidal at UFC 272. Edwards, meanwhile, firmly believes “Chaos” hasn’t earned a title shot but one way or another, the UFC will make a final decision.

Published on April 10, 2023 at 11:40 am
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