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Coolio wants to change his boxing match to an MMA bout

Coolio wants to change his boxing match to an MMA bout

A couple of months ago, people’s eyes shot out of their skull and bounced around their living room like ping pong balls with ADD when it was announced that DMX will be competing in an MMA match with some dude named Eric Martinez. Later we found out that the MMA bout was changed to a boxing match and Eric Martinez was some guy on DMX’s crew. Eventually DMX, had to drop out because he wanted the fight to be fixed. The guys at Thunder promotions had to flip through their 90s hip-hop rolodex to find a suitable replacement and they slide, slide slipetdy slided to Coolio. In an interview with, Coolio says that he’s willing to do anything it takes to win his fight, including cheating.

I’ve been doing martial arts for 18 years. Eh listen, somebody gonna get knocked the f*ck out! Coolio don’t take a** whoopings well, I’ll tell you what, if I get into trouble, you gonna know because it’s gonna go from boxing to f*cking wrestling and choking because I hate to lose… H*ll yeah I’ll cheat to win. Man please. I’d rather get disqualified than get knocked out. They approached me. They was just looking for a dumb motherf*cker that they thought might do it and they thought I needed the money but it’s because I like to fight.”

“I’m not a good loser, so I don’t plan on losing, it will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to seeing my fans out in Birmingham. I’m scheduled to perform on December 11th, the night of the weigh-in and I’ll rock the mic the same night after I beat up Martinez.”

The 90s were friggin amazing. It’s the only era where you could see Michelle Pfeiffer appear in a hip-hip video on MTV (back when they played videos) and play Pogs all in one sitting. Nothing was wrong about the 90s unless you had an extreme aversion to Stussy and Mossimo shirts. [Source]  

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