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Conor McGregor teases UFC fight with Anderson Silva and now its all we ever wanted

Conor McGregor teases UFC fight with Anderson Silva and now its all we ever wanted

Would watch. For the love everything that is both holy and evil, make Conor McGregor vs. Anderson Silva. Look we know we’ve asked for a lot but we won’t anymore if we get this fight.

Today (Oct. 1) on The Helwani Show on ESPN 8 The Ocho, Conor McGregor once again stole the mic from Ariel Helwani and just ran with it. This was McGregor at his finest.

Mac is always walking the line between genius and madness, in this interview he edged to each side in one fluid motion. What is your favorite version of a Mystic Mac? Deep thoughts or wild catchphrases? They’re both great in their own right and interviews where we get both are truly something special.

Only five sleeps until maybe the biggest fight in MMA history, McGregor dropped some gems in today’s interview. One of them was kind of a blip on the radar but still was the best thing out there.

Forget Khabib. Don’t even think about Nate. Floyd who? GSP what? For reasons and subway lines of thinking only Mac will truly understand, McGregor causally name dropped Anderson Silva as a future opponent.

Yes, the 185 pound GOAT. The man who tooled Forrest Griffin at 205 pounds. Anderson “Freaking” Silva is on the mind of Conor McGregor.



Everything Mac says is with a purpose. Is it for legacy? For the money? Or is simply a fact of wanting to test himself in the truest sense of martial arts? McGregor is a wildman. MMA is going to miss him when he’s gone.

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