Video: Conor McGregor Stares Down Tyron Woodley but it was a No Flex Zone

Holy shit! Is Conor McGregor really trying to head up to welterweight? Well, Tyron Woodley just proved today that he is NOT the one to try. Yesterday at the UFC 205 pre-fight presser, Woodley documented the chair incident like it was going up on Worldstar and said that was how someone acts when they know they’ll be held back. This morning, it looks like the G-check continues when McGregor bumps into Woodley at the weigh-ins and tries to be hard.

Time will tell if McGregor really is about that life, because he has one helluva lightweight opponent ahead of him who could derail his so-called delusions of grandeur. Let’s go ahead and try and get past that before we go after three belts, one belt in a weight class where you are 1-1 to a career lightweight. Matter of fact, based on this video? …Just don’t do it.

Check out the McGregor / Woodley staredown below… McGregor best just mind his business and rehydrate.



UPDATE 2: …..Bitch.


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