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Conor McGregor, future welterweight champion

Conor McGregor, future welterweight champion

Conor McGregor is popular.  And so, “Notorious,” while conveniently his nickname, probably isn’t an accurate descriptor.  Because while he is undoubtedly widely known, public opinion isn’t exactly unfavorable.  For instance, an entire country off the coast of Great Britain likes him quite a lot.  Yes, even his coach, the man most familiar with the Irishman’s shortcomings, swoons under the romantic power of his seemingly boundless hype.  Specifically, he believes Conor may be a successful welterweight someday, two entire weight classes above his current seat in the flyweight division.

“He will go up to lightweight,” John Kavanaugh said in an interview with Submission Radio. “And people say I’m nuts when I say this, but I could actually see him taking out the welterweight division as well. But right now the featherweight belt is the goal and then the lightweight belt, and then we’ll see how he’s going.”

Of course, Kavanaugh is dead wrong: people absolutely won’t call him nuts to say what he said just then.  Because Conor McGregor’s hype is so real it is taking on the character of a seductive entity with its own will.

Years ago, a man named Jonathan Edwards speculated that the Holy Spirit, the third member of God’s trinity, existed as the byproduct of the heavenly Father and Son contemplating their own perfect love for each other.  Their spiritual hype ultimately created a third, fully substantial and divine element, thus perfecting their triune existence.  That’s sort of what is happening with Conor right now.  He and the MMA world are contemplating their love so intensely that his hype is manifesting as a separate hypnotic entity.  And even though the idea of Conor competing at welterweight looks laughable on paper, it is something we are compelled, by the power of a nonsensical faith, to believe.

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