Video: Conor McGregor Becomes Outbackweight Champion After Invading Viral Kangaroo Video

A friend in need deserves a friend indeed. That’s what happened when a man saw his dog neck-deep in a headlock performed by a jack kangaroo in Australia. The world delighted as man jumped out of a car, ran right in the face of this boxing marsupial and squared up. There was only one option after that: punch this hopping motherfucker straight in his jaw and peacing out with his furry friend. WHUT WHUT.

Just as the viral video went around the world and back, an amazing edit surfaced. Ever see those badass Dragonball Z edits and be like, damn homie, that’s awesome. Where do those come from? They come from RayRod. Well, he threw in “champ champ” Conor McGregor to jump in and finish the job with his infamous combo he pulled on Eddie Alvarez.

Watch this glory below, mate.

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