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Chris Weidman’s daughter lands front kicks better than anyone cast on TUF China or TUF Latin America

Chris Weidman’s daughter lands front kicks better than anyone cast on TUF China or TUF Latin America

Dynasty. It’s not a word we in the media throw around lightly. Usually one hears it in reference only to the most legendary of organizations, the Yankees of Gehrig or Mantle, the Bulls of Jordan. But in the world of individual glory that is combat sports, who’s to say the title couldn’t be earned the traditional way, passed down from parent to offspring? Behold, Exhibit A:


A video posted by Chris Weidman (@chrisweidmanufc) on Jun 10, 2015 at 3:17pm PDT

A couple things to note, here. The front kick, or teep as it’s known in Muay Thai circles, can be used similarly to the jab, to keep distance and fluster the opponent. But here, Cassidy Weidman chooses to throw a rear leg front kick. Not only is this kick deceptive and potentially more powerful than the lead leg kick, it’s the exact kick Chris Weidman’s two-time foe Anderson Silva used to dispatch Vitor Belfort, in one of the most iconic moments in MMA history:

Know your enemy, indeed. And just like Silva, Cassidy stands southpaw, despite her father being an orthodox fighter. Are we seeing a deliberate coaching focus on ambidexterity early in young Weidman’s career, to enable the stance switches which have become popular as of late in the pro MMA scene?

Of course, we’ll need more time and footage to fully evaluate Cassidy as a future prospect. Her devotion to keeping her hands at her chin speaks well of her ability to take direction, but it may prove troubling in a bout with 4oz gloves, where head movement is considered a superior defensive strategy to covering up. And then there are the expected issues with finding quality opponents.

Let’s face it, if your kid was in the Little Ninja’s Saturday Karate class, whose daughter would you rather have them spar: Joe, the Records Office Supervisor, or Chris Weidman, the Undisputed UFC Middleweight Champion? Maybe just take a dive this time, son.

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