Check out the BAMMA 7 weigh-ins, presented by Whoa! TV and MiddleEasy

On the other side of the earth where Scotch eggs are truly some of the greatest items one can consume at 3:00 am on a Saturday morning, BAMMA 7 takes place. If you reside on the North American continent, you can watch the entire event live starting at 11:15 am PST and 2:15pm EST. If you live anywhere between the East and the West coast, then you will need to discover the broadcasting times yourself. I’ve done my best, now it’s up to you. In reality, I didn’t do my best — but it will do for now.

Check out the BAMMA 7 weigh-ins presented by our buds at Whoa! TV and MiddleEasy. Be sure to follow Whoa! TV on their YouTube page. It’s just one click away, so you’re silly for not clicking it. If you do click it, you’re silly — but for some unrelated reason.

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