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Check out our wrap-up video of ONE FC: Rise of Kings, right now! NOW!

Check out our wrap-up video of ONE FC: Rise of Kings, right now! NOW!

October 6th in the Singapore Indoor Stadium the impossible happened. ONE FC ring girl, Park Si Hyun, and I had an actual conservation that ended with ‘Oh, you’re not so creepy after all.’ Psh, who am I kidding. That chick doesn’t even know I exist. I’m an intangible and invisible entity in her universe. Her life will never be dependent on my actions. I could have never been born, and she would still be gorgeous and successful. In her life, my impact on this earth is minimal. It’s an existential fact — and something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. Damn. Dammit.

While you guys were arguing on who should pay the bill at your drunken escapade to Hooters on Friday night, we were in Singapore getting ready for ONE FC: Rise of Kings, Asia’s largest MMA promotion. Some people call it the revival of Pride FC — we just call it a supremely entertaining MMA show with the most violent rules in all of mixed martial arts. In ONE FC, soccer kicks and head stomps are legal. So are elbows. Essentially the only thing that is illegal in ONE FC are strikes to the back of the head, groin shots, eye gouges — just all behavior reserved for non-talented idiots.

Now stop what you’re doing, put your episode of Dexter on pause, and watch the MiddleEasy wrap-up video of ONE FC: Rise of Kings. You’ll feel better about yourself after, trust us. Also, be sure to follow our videographer for this event (and a few others) Patrick Fogatry on Twitter.

If you liked that, then be sure to watch our other wrap-up videos from this year’s past ONE FC events:

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