Check out King Mo rocking a suit on ESPN while he breaks down UFC 136

It’s not everyday that you get the head of Team Thirsty to sit shotgun with Pat Miletich on the ESPN panel while a nicely tailored suit is being rocked. King Mo aka ‘The only fighter who will engage in a Twitter war with you, regardless of if you’re a troll’ is, in my opinion, the only guy currently at light heavyweight that can defeat Jon Jones. You can try to dispute that as much as your little heart is content, but it should be widely known that King Mo’s wrestling is far superior to Jon Jones. Mo’s reach is 78 inches, five inches longer than Rampage Jackson and with his Cuban boxing style, we could see King Mo unorthodox the ‘unorthodoxer.’ All of these possibilities exist in a hypothetical realm, however. King Mo has all of the potential to defeat Jon Jones, the real question is if ZUFFA will give him the chance to do so. In the meantime, King Mo will continue to rock pressed suits and give his takes on upcoming UFC events, like he did in this ESPN video with UFC 136. [Source]

Note: For some, the ESPN player isn’t working because apparently ESPN hates technology and uses ‘script’ to embed videos. People in San Francisco would refer to this as ‘hella weak,’ so I will provide the actual link to the ESPN page for the few of you out there that can’t get this video to work.

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