Check out Georges St. Pierre learning how to surf

Ah, the ocean. Nothing is quite like the untameable watery monster that will one day consume us all. The ocean can bring us so many things, sustenance, aesthetic pleasures, and totally tubular fun times catching a wave, bro. I’m no surfer, but ho boy will I body board. I will body board the day away if you let me. Last summer I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon and I spent the majority of my time renting boards that boogy and then going out into the ocean and boogieing atop them with my torso. You can view the pure unadulterated joy on my face here if you don’t believe me.

GSP decided to skip the wimpy blogger boogy boarding, (if I may delve into alliteration) and went straight to surfing. The UFC welterweight champ may not have had the pure joy that was flowing through me, or even the deep introspection the ocean brought Hemingway, but he sure looked good for his first time out there. Check out GSP learning how to surf and be mildly impressed by his pear-four-mahnce.


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