Check out footage from the official EA Sports MMA Grand-Prix that we dominated in

I wear a lot of different hats on Sunday nights. I like to think I’m the Dana White of Sunday Night Fights, mean mugging my way through the matches and nodding approvingly. I play the part of matchmaker, trying to book the matches the people want to see. If I’m feeling particularly witty that evening I play the Joe Rogan part, spewing anecdotes over the matches to keep the viewers entertained. On off nights, I play the part of Mike Goldberg, we will leave it at that. If you haven’t been on Xbox Live and joined our Sunday Night Fight cards, I really don’t understand what you are waiting for, thus far we have had over 40 unique participants in our weekly EA MMA league and every Sunday has been a blast in the face with a virtual 4 ounce glove of joy and happiness. This past week, EA held the first round of the Mystic Grand Prix, pitting MiddleEasy vs. Sherdog vs. Operation Sports vs. the EA MMA forums in a tournament to crown the greatest MMA community in the virtual world. Like a proud father, or to refer to my previously narcissistic example, a proud Dana sending Chuck to PRIDE, we sent a few of our fighters over to represent the site in glorious fashion. Needless to say we dominated, taking three out of the four of the possible matches, sweeping Sherdog and celebrating like Anderson Silva at a Brazilian nightclub. We would have had four out of four I’m sure, if not for the ‘technical difficulties’ of our final participant.

For those of you out there who have yet to experience a Live Broadcast, check out MiddleEasy’s arguably greatest combatant “Tha Premiere” doing his thing earlier this week as well as the other participants who represented on EA Sports MMA’s first Live Broadcast Grand-Prix.


And the Xbox 360 Grand-Prix

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