Chael Sonnen hasn’t seen much promotion for UFC 167, and he’s just a little angry

President Obama doesn’t have large shoes to fill. The guy is like a size 9. Bigfoot Silva has large shoes to fill — that’s the reason why he’s actually named ‘Bigfoot.’ His feet would be magically delicious if he could place purple horse shoes on and soak them in milk so they can get all soggy. It would be pretty hilarious if Bigfoot Silva underwent the process of binding his feet like women do in traditional China. Actually that ritual is just an archaic method of physical deformation, as evidenced by this picture. Although it can’t be any different than Western cultures adapting the African ritual of ear lobe stretching. Now imagine Bigfoot Silva getting his ear stretched — that thing could replace Saturn’s ring.

Earlier this year Chael Sonnen licked Rashad Evans’ shoe because he lost a bet to him over the Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida fight at UFC 157. Now that Evans and Sonnen are fighting each other, one would think we could expect more antics from the two guys — but there’s virtually been no promotion of the fight, let alone the entire UFC 167 card. Well, at least that’s what he said on SiriusXM Sports earlier this week. Check it out.


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